With rapid industrialization in Korea in the 1970s, disinfection demands increased aimed at  cleaning cities. Likewise, economic and efficient disinfection was required in agricultural and livestock industries.

As such, demand for high-performance fog generators increased, thus ensuring the maximum effect within the shortest  time and with the minimum  manpower.

Based on his 25 year in agricultural chemistry and disinfection machinery, the founder established the current Seshin Industrial co. as high-performance fog generators manufacturer in Janggi-dong, Daegu, in July 1983. Despite a weak base of machinery industry at the time, we continued

 R&D  efforts and succeeded in developing high-performance disinfectors in 1994.

In 1995, we acquired patents for a safety system designed to automatically stop chemicals when the engine stops unexpectedly. In factories expanded in 1993 on the national Seongseo Industrial Complex, through continued R&D efforts, we have  standardized, simplified and specialized in assembly parts. Thus, we can ensure the manufacture of high-quality equipment. We operate supply and after-sales service networks in five major cities across the nation. In 2000, we exported 10 fog generators to Taiwan, and went on to export over 600 disinfectors to Southeast and Middle East in 2002, thus proving the superiority of our machines.

In response to local and overseas customers' demands,our technology team operates an around-the-clock after-sales service system, and we are exerting every effort to update manuals and supply parts.