Application Recommended Model



Urban environ-

Our thermal fog and ULV machines are most effective in the following places:
 - built-up area for homes and shopping
 - areas for gathering and storing garbage 
 - inner sewage passages
 - riversides and lakesides

Animal building

Models generally control flying insects around farms within areas that are densely clouded; droplets of thermal fog are deposited to the area applied or sprayed.

Tropical plants

Our thermal fogs are useful to disinfect various tropical plants. Because crops, fruits and leaves of tropical trees are often at considerable height, if the droplet size of insecticides and fungicides is bigger than 100§­, it is difficult to apply. Dense fog with particle size is less than 50§­ can easily reach the top of the plants and disperse effectively.

Green house

Mostly greenhouses have densely packed plants including fruits and foliages. Our thermal fog and ULV can be effectively applied and can save application time and labor. The fine spray penetrates dense foliages.

Ware house

Before various products including newly harvested grains are stored, warehouses shoud be disinfected with thermal fog and ULV machins. Dense fog easily penetrates all parts of the warehouse and kills insects and residue. ULV is recommended to control insects and fungi.