Thermal foggers can be used indoors or outdoors to produce a dense fog of insecticide which will provide instant knockdown with the right chemical, and crawling insects. Outdoors and under correct weather conditioning fog can be dirfted over an infested area most effectively with a minimum of environmental contamination. This can provide an immediately method of controling fly nuisance over a large area. For vector control purpose the principal use has been for the control of adult mosquitos and biting filies.
Electric cold fogger is used to treat large volumes of space rapidly and economically , it is particularly useful in all refuse dipsal system and purification plants where audlts files are a menace. Its are also employed as well as for the disinfection of stables, chicken houses etc.,with formalin.
Portable engine cold fogger, Windy driven by 4cycle gasoline engine, is a portable ultra low-volume(ULV) generator to control flying insect pests and vectors of diseases by applying insecticides.Over 90% of particle size sprayed from Windy are below 20, thus creating great effects even with a small amount of chemical.