SS400F model, through its two units, applies high-dense fog to an extensive area at 150L per hour, enabling an economical extermination work in terms of manpower and time. Through the fixed nozzle, the mixture  ratio of fuel and chemicals is automatically adjusted, and the standard chemical tank  capacity stands at 108L. The unit can be

 remote-controlled, allowing the users to automatically operate two units adjust the fogging volumes and stop each or both of them, from within the car. it is also effective in exterminating harmful insects from tropical crops(rubber, palm and cocoa plants)on windless days.


 Start (Operation) Method:  Very convenient to operate from driver's seat. Fogging

   storage, while using car battery.

 Auto Control System:  Automatically prevents leakage of the fuel and disinfectant

   even though operation suddenly powered off. Warning lamp is equipped to watch the
   condition at driver's seat.

 Auto Fuel Control:  No need to control of the fuel as air is automatically controlled by fixed

 Double Air-Cooling Device:  At in the running room make free use of control with starting
   stop and might be affirmation to the every affected by perfectly automatic system.