SS150F and SS180F are portable thermal fogger designed to create smoke using solvent-based chemical disinfectants. These units enable the achievement of maximum effect over an extensive operational area.  These models are effective in preventing damage to agricultural crops due to blight and harmful insects, and disinfection in livestock sheds and various warehouses.

The foggers are highly acclaimed for their quality because they are optimal equipment for pushing ahead with disinfection and harmful insects extermination programs aimed at improving urban environments. SS150F model, which we have been supplying to the Ministry of Health and Welfare since 1989 is convenient to use and clean with modern design and lightweight. The unit can make chemical particles below 50 at the speed of 50L per hour,thus enabling an economical operation in terms of manpower and time, and also making it feasible to access parts difficult to approach. The core part, a precision carburetor is designed to maintain an optimal starting status, and has helped the equipment to have semi-permanent durability, excellent quality and improved performance.


 Auto Start Kit  :  Easy and quick start kit with touch button.

 Residue Removal Device  :  Always free from residues in pipe without clogging

   and blocking.

  Double Air-Cooling Device  :  Double cooling device, cutting off heat transit outside when in

    operation. Auto-Stop Device When you stop Fogging operation without turning-off the
    valve or suddenly stopped its operation, the device prevents risk of fire.

 Storage Tank  :  Specially made of low-sensitivity polyethylene for prevention from corrosion    of the storage tank.

 Super Precision Carburetor  :  Nothing be worm away due to design by the special-quality

   and performance might be maintenance at a fixed-rate due to control to the thermostart or
   humidity which working by Automatic.